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Genuine Garnet Bracelet -Necessity
Length is 7 inches; width is 0.4 inches. It has nice safety lock (see detail). Bohemian garnet (Czech Republic) is considered to be the most famous garnet in the world. It is well known for its deep burgundy color and special cut of the stone. Czech Republic and especially its Bohemian Region have a very long history of making garnet jewelry. In old times Czech Kings and Queens had the most beautiful garnet jewelry and garnet was called -Bohemian Rubies. We offer you genuine garnet jewelry from Bohemian Region in Czech Republic. All stones are hand cut and hand set in sterling silver with gold filling. This item is very professionally done with very steady and safe setting (see picture of the back). Sterling silver mark is stamped on each item. This garnet jewelry will be great addition to any jewelry collection. More jewelry you can see at