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March 13, 1997 - People Newspapers


Experience Russian food and merchandise in the Galleria



After three successful years at Dallas Galleria, Russian Island expanded and relocated to a bigger space at the third floor over the ice rink.

Even being in a small space before relocation, Russian Island has been considered by the Galleria customers to be one of the unique stores in the center. After expansion, Russian Island became even more unusual than before by extending new lines of merchandise and opening Russian Island Cafe introducing authentic Russian cousin.

Russian Island recreates the charm and mystique of the former USSR's territories. It carries the biggest variety of the original Russian gifts, souvenirs and collectibles from each region of the former USSR.

Here you can find famous Russian art and handwork from inexpensive to spectacular: matrioshkas (nesting dolls) lacquer boxes, hand painted wooden eggs. Also you will find Ukrainian woodcarvings, Belarussian straw inlaid artwork and embroidery, unique flax dolls, handmade vests from Tadjikistan, and much more.

While your husband is looking at the interesting collection of Soviet medals; military, police and KGB badges; coins and paper money (from the 18th and 19th centuries); stamps; first day covers; pins; original photos of Brezhnev, Gorbachev and Yeltsin, etc., you are able to shop for beautiful amber jewelry set in sterling silver at astonishingly low prices. And you are welcome to try on the authentic Soviet army/navy uniforms (for men and women) and even take pictures in them.

Russian Island carries the biggest collection of famous Russian lacquer boxes, which are well known all over the world.

There are boxes from all four villages where lacquer miniatures are created. Each village, or school, has its own style. Artists make their own brushes from squirrel hair and create their unbelievable art under magnifying glasses.

Other interesting objects in the Russian Island store are old icons made by Russian monks in the monasteries in the 19th century and extremely rare books on iconography issued in Russia.

The unique combination of gift shop and cafe makes your shopping experience even more attractive and interesting.

What can be more fascinating than sitting in cozy Russian cafe watching the ice skaters and hockey players while enjoying delicious Russian food and unbelievably tasty Russian deserts. You should try it to believe it.

Visit Russian Island at the third level over the ice rink during the celebration of Primavera Galleria. There will be many specials during that time to make your shopping and dining experience even more pleasant.

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