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Book Tobruk 1941-1942 (Тобрук 1941-1942) #44
This book Tobruk 1941-1942 (Тобрук 1941-1942) is printed in Russia in Russian Language; 2003; AST Publisher. The book is from series “Great Fights and Battles”. The book was written by Zbigniew Kwiecien and translated from Polish into Russian. In the history of the struggle for Tobruk, the peculiarity of the Second World War, the diversity of the allied forces participating in it, was especially clearly manifested. The Australians captured Tobruk, soldiers from India, Great Britain, Australia, Poland and Czechoslovakia defended themselves in it, and the South Africans surrendered the fortress in 1942. Tobruk became in North Africa a symbol of the staunch resistance of the allies to the powerful military machine of fascism and a key supply port for the troops of the Afrika Korps of E. Rommel. Please read the summary of the book in Russian (see picture). Size is 5 x 8.0”, Hard cover, 174 pages. Please visit other pages of our website for more variety of Russian and Soviet gifts, collectibles, antiques, jewelry and much more.