In Russia making wooden objects which fit each inside other has many Centuries tradition. Gradually these figurines became to be carved in the shape of dolls. These dolls were made and painted by Russian craftsmen. The first professional who made sketches of the Russian MATRIOSHKA [matryoshka,matreshka] doll was famous Russian artist Sergei Malyutin (in 1891). This fabulous Russian doll was giventhe name MATRIOSHKA [matryoshka, matreshka] which originated from root of the word maternity. It became a symbol of FERTILITY and PERPETUATION. It is a good luck present for a very long time. In old Russia these family dolls passed from generation to generation and each next generation was making the next bigger doll to fit inside existing one. This family MATRIOSHKA [matryoshka, matreshka] set is supposed to keep good luck and peace in the family. The art of Russian MATRIOSHKA [matryoshka, matreshka] making spread from Moscow to other cities like Semenov, Polkhovsky Maidan, Vyatka and Tver. Right now the biggest center of Russian MATRIOSHKA [matryoshka, matreshka] making is Sergiev Posad located approximately 45 miles from Moscow. The Russian MATRIOSHKA [matryoshka, matreshka] dolls can be from small (2 pieces) up to huge (40 pieces and more). It can be very simple and inexpensive (from couple dollars) up to museum Nesting dolls [matryoshka, matreshka] which people are buying for investment.

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