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Vintage Original USSR Navy Extremely Rare Border Guards KGB Flag USSR 1991 #102
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Russian Collectibles, Tin Soldiers, Coins Russian Posters, Pins, Badges, CollectiblesRussian Lacquer Boxes Original Russian Jewelery Russian Nesting Dolls Russian Gifts, Antiques, Collectibles, Militaria

Also, you are encouraged to visit other pages of Russian Island - since we are your best source of Russian Internet shopping for Russian gifts, Russian collectibles, Soviet militaria, Soviet memorabilia, Russian souvenirs, Russian antiques, Russian dolls, Russian jewelry, etc. On our web site you will be able to find, among other things, famous Russian nesting dolls, which are also known as Matrioshkas, matrioshka dolls, Matryoshkas, matryoshka dolls, Matreshkas, matreshka dolls, nested dolls or Babushkas.

We currently have many unbelievable Russian lacquer boxes from Palekh, Mstera, Kholui, and Fedoskino; and absolutely beautiful Russian jewelry, including amber jewelry, enamel jewelry, Faberge eggs, and Russian wrist and pocket watches; Russian porcelain, Blue cobalt porcelain, and all of these collectibles are well known all over the world. Collectors can enjoy the biggest variety of Russian collectibles such as Soviet and Russian medals and orders, Soviet and Russian official badges, Soviet Navy, Army, and Air Force uniforms, hats, visor caps and hats, overcoats, military belts, Naval shirts, Army field shirts - gymnasterkas.

Also, you can find all kinds of sports memorabilia such as Soviet and Russian ice hockey jerseys and badges. We also have the best selection of Soviet flags, banners, and posters. Do not miss out on our large collection Russian and Soviet books, stamps, first day covers, envelopes, paper money and coins.

The antique lovers will find grand antique collectibles such as old Russian icons, samovars, photos and documents, Old Russian currency and coins, and other unique Russian items.

We also have Russian Military Patches, Soviet Military Patches, USSR Military Patches, Russian Air Force Patches, Russian Border Guard Patches, Russian Police Patches, Russian Special Forces (Spetsnaz) Patches, Russian Navy and Marine Patches, and other Soviet Union Patches.

Among some of the the most popular Russian gifts and souvenirs that we can offer are the famous Russian nesting dolls, also known as Matrioshkas, matrioshka dolls, Matryoshkas, matryoshka dolls, Matreshkas, matreshka dolls, nested dolls or Babushkas, these are all hand made Russian dolls.

We also have all kind of Russian, Ukrainian and even Belarussian hand painted boxes, Russian lacquer boxes, Russian hand carved boxes, Belarussian straw inlay boxes; along with many types of Russian hand painted eggs, Ukrainian religious eggs, hand carves eggs, and gold plated Faberge eggs; and among some of the most beautiful Russian embroidery and fine linens, Russian wool shawls and silk scarves, etc.

Ladies will certainly appreciate all of the beautiful Russian amber jewelry, amber pendants, amber brooches, amber earrings, amber rings, and amber necklaces along with enamel jewelry, known as Finift, which includes enamel earrings, enamel rings, enamel necklaces, enamel watches, enamel brooches, and enamel pendants and agate and leather and paper-mache jewelry.

While Internet shopping on our Russian Island web site you can also enjoy looking at our collection of Russian pocket watches and very collectible Russian commander wrist watches.

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